2009 Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher

Hickman_Karen_2014The Range Science Education Council and the Society for Range Management proudly present the 2009 Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award to Dr. Karen Hickman of Oklahoma State Universities’ Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management. The outstanding teaching award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, advising and mentoring over an extended period, often a career.

Dr. Hickman has been generating infectious enthusiasm and positively affecting the careers of range management undergraduates for nearly 14 years, having served as the core instructor of 15 different courses, including 6 new courses. Her exemplary reputation as a teacher is a major attraction for students, and together with her leadership role, has been credited with raising the overall profile and enrollment of her department’s range program. Students consistently comment on the significant professional and personal growth they experience, in essence becoming ‘deep thinkers’, in large part due to the generous and compassionate teaching and mentoring style embraced by Dr. Hickman. Karen strives to know and understand her students, and empowers them to shape the courses she teaches through her unique teaching style, all the while challenging them to attain a higher standard in course work, student leadership positions, and work experience. In the words of a former student, “Her selfless devotion to students is evident in all that she does. She literally puts her students first and has a sincere passion to see them do well.”. In addition to her major teaching responsibilities, Dr. Hickman has been recognized with several awards for excellence in mentoring and advising. She has been a major booster in the revitalization of the OSU Range Club, having assisted with fund-raising, supporting travel to meetings, and coaching the Plant ID team.

For exemplary dedication to achieving excellence in teaching and advising, the Range Science Education Council and the Society for Range Management are pleased to present Dr. Karen Hickman with the 2009 Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award.

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