Teaching Awards

The Range Science Education Council Recognizes Teaching Excellence.

Do you know someone who teaches undergraduate range science courses that is a truly excellent teacher?  Is there a university rangeland teacher who inspired you to become a range science professional?  If so, please consider nominating that person for one of the Range Science Education Council’s (RSEC) teaching awards.  This is a wonderful way to recognize and honor someone who has made a difference in your professional career!

The RSEC Teaching Awards will be presented at the SRM Annual Meeting.  View accomplishments of Past Award Winners.

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award was established to encourage and recognize individual excellence in teaching that has extended over the course of many years. Such teaching rises above good instruction: it incites intellectual curiosity in students, engages them thoroughly in the process of learning, and has a life-long impact.

Nomination Form and Procedures

Early Career Undergraduate Teaching Award

The Early Career Undergraduate Teaching Award recognizes excellence in teaching and advising Range Management students at the undergraduate level by faculty/instructors who are in the early stages of their teaching careers.

Nomination Form and Procedures

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