“What is it like to be a Rangeland Ecology and Management Student?”


Video that highlights what and how University students of rangeland ecology and management learn.

Range at a Distance*

Online distance-accessible university courses offered by higher education institutions accredited by the Society for Range Management.

Rangeland Teaching Clearinghouse*

Developing a new course and need to save time and not reinvent the wheel? Need a presentation for a guest lecture? Here are peer-reviewed teaching resources, including presentations, labs, and assessments that are ready to head out the door. Essentially a “grab-bag” to get you on your way!

Rangeland College Recruiting*

Know a college-bound young person who isn’t aware how a range professional spends an average work day? Access video interviews where recent graduates tell their stories and learn which universities offer degrees to start growing a great career on the range.

World Rangeland Ecosystem Exploration*

Fondly known as “Wrangle,” this media-rich learning portal overviews grasslands, shrublands, woodlands and savannas across the globe. Includes short videos of resource challenges facing people and the land.

Online Modules for Rangeland Vegetation Assessment*

This course provides an in-depth introduction into rangeland vegetation monitoring and assessment. Includes 12 subject-specific learning modules with video presentations, learning guides, and self-check activities.

Teaching Tips

Coming soon!

Student Deficiency Resources

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*Made possible through a USDA NIFA Higher Education Challenge Grant entitled “Repositioning Rangeland Education for a Changing World.” (Award # 2010-38411-21370)