2010 Early Career Teaching Award

The Range Science Education Council and the Society for Range Management proudly present the 2010 Early Career Teaching Award to Dr. Andrés Cibils of New Mexico State University. Dr. Cibils has taught courses in range ecology and management since 2005, and is known for his clear, well organized teaching style and dedication to improving the learning experience of undergraduate students. Dr. Cibils accomplishes this by adopting a hands-on, interactive approach with students, inspiring them to constantly better themselves, and emphasizing experiential learning. Dr. Cibils integrates current and topical research into the active learning process, and utilizes numerous forms of multi-media technology in the classroom. Dr. Cibils challenges students to practice critical thinking at every opportunity throughout their academic and professional lives.

Dr. Cibils is known for his positive attitude, approachable nature, and passionate vitality in providing students with a quality learning experience, which often results in long-term friendships that extend past graduation. Dr. Cibils is generous with his time and has advised numerous undergraduate students. As advisor for the NMSU range club, Dr. Cibils has assisted them with organizing international field trips to gain valuable new experiences. Through his effectiveness and popularity as an instructor, Dr. Cibils has been credited with increasing the enrollment of students in his courses, as well as the number of students in the range program at NMSU.

Despite being a relatively new instructor, Dr. Andrés Cibils has clearly excelled in this role, and been a positive influence on his students and profession. Dr. Cibils has already been recognized with several local and national teaching awards. For his positive contributions in the classroom and beyond, the Range Science Education Council and Society for Range Management are proud to recognize Dr. Andrés Cibils with the 2010 Early Career Teaching Award.

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