2010 Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher

The Range Science Education Council and the Society for Range Management proudly present the 2010 Outstanding Teaching Award to Dr. Charles Butterfield of Chadron State College. Dr. Butterfield has taught a broad diversity of courses since 1999, and has been an exemplary instructor, advisor, mentor, and role model for hundreds of students during his career. Additionally, he has demonstrated superior leadership in creating new academic programs such as the Wildlife Management Minor, and spearheaded the development of new courses in support of these programs. These changes have greatly improved the preparation of students for careers in the field of resource management.

Dr. Butterfield has been a hallmark instructor at CSC who is clearly passionate and dedicated to the field of range management, and whose enthusiasm for teaching is obvious to all. Dr. Butterfield is known for his practical knowledge and down-to-earth attitude, which allows him to relate well to students when conveying complex subject matter. ‘Chuck’ as he is affectionately known to his students, has the ability of putting students at ease in the classroom. Dr. Butterfield has established long-lasting partnerships with numerous agencies, which he has effectively incorporated into a variety of experiential learning exercises ranging from conducting prescribed fires to participating in wildlife capture operations, with many of his students presenting their project results at professional meetings.

Despite his exceptional teaching load, Dr. Butterfield has found the time to coach the university plant identification and URME teams, served as advisor for a number of campus clubs, and continued to mentor students in the Range Cup competition. He has also been a very active member of the Society for Range Management, thereby influencing student activities at the section and national level. Dr. Butterfield’s commitment to teaching does not end at the university, as he has been instrumental in organizing the Nebraska State Envirothon, participated in the state range judging contest, and delivered the CSC Range Short Course to staff from various land agencies and private ranches.

During his lengthy career as an instructor Dr. Butterfield has won numerous awards from his university for excellence in teaching, advising, and exemplary service, including receiving recognition from the parents association at UN-Lincoln. Dr. Butterfield is an educator in every sense of the word, and is highly deserving of recognition for his accomplishments in teaching and mentoring. For his career long unwavering dedication to teaching excellence, the Range Science Education Council and Society for Range Management are proud to recognize Dr. Charles Butterfield with the 2010 Outstanding Teaching Award.

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