2009 Early Career Teaching Award 

The Range Science Education Council and the Society for Range Management proudly presents the 2009 Early Career Teaching Award to Dr. Alexander “Sandy” Smart of South Dakota State’s Department of Animal and Range Sciences. The early career teaching award recognizes range management instructors with less than 10 years experience who excel as teachers.

Dr. Smart has been teaching for more than 7 years, and has had a positive impact on his department, his colleagues and the undergraduates he instructs. He is known for his love of teaching, commitment to helping others, and tireless work ethic, which includes making time to assist students, fund-raise, or provide assistance for extracurricular activities. Sandy emphasizes the development of leadership skills and strives to create life-long learners, which he does by bringing a strong passion to his teaching and a dedication to pursuing high quality instruction through the use of innovative instruction techniques. Dr. Smart has been recognized for his progressive use of digital movie-making to enhance student organization, synthesis and communication skills of subject matter. In addition, Sandy utilizes an extensive network of industry and extension contacts to promote hands-on experiential learning inside and outside the classroom, as well as job placement after graduation. Dr. Smart is a major asset to undergraduate education, contributing to significant growth in the range science program at South Dakota State University. In the words of his past students, Dr. Smart is “a fine educator who brings an infectious energy and enthusiasm to the classroom. Having Dr. Smart as a professor was an absolute privilege.”

The Range Science Education Council and the Society for Range Management are pleased to present Dr. Alexander “Sandy” Smart with the 2009 Early Career Teaching Award.

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