The Range Science Education Council and the Society for Range Management proudly present the 2019 Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award to Dr. Loreen Allphin of the Department of Plant and Wildlife Sciences at Brigham Young University. This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, advising, and mentoring over an extended period, often a career.

Dr. Allphin has been actively engaged in teaching, advising, and mentoring undergraduate students at Brigham Young University for 22 years. Throughout her career, she has developed and taught a wide variety of undergraduate courses in Botany, Ecology, Conservation Biology, Environmental Science, Genetics, and Reproduction. Dr. Allphin is known for the rigor of her courses and the high expectations she has for student learning. While this is typically a recipe for poor student evaluations, Dr. Allphin receives high marks for teaching. A constant theme throughout the letters of support from her students was that, while she required students to achieve high expectations, she was always willing to help them succeed.

Dr. Allphin’s philosophy in undergraduate teaching is that students will retain more knowledge and understanding if they have to work for it. She requires a lot of her students with the goal of helping them grow intellectually and fulfill their potential. She gives them challenges to surmount, but also gives generously of her time and mentoring to help them meet those challenges.
Students and colleagues hold Dr. Allphin in high esteem as evidenced by their comments:
Her passion and encouragement helped inspire me to continue furthering my education.”
…she was always willing to do whatever she could to help her students succeed.”
She encouraged us to think critically….
Dr. Allphin’s enthusiasm and ability to encourage, stimulate, and guide resonated with me in a way that I had never experienced…
Her willingness and desire to mentor students like me gave me the tools that I later needed…
She is “…incredible in the classroom…” and “…took a sincere interest in her students outside the classroom too.”
…she is a breath of fresh air because she cares so much.
Her questions spurred our learning; her enthusiasm for ecology was contagious.”
Dr. Allphin was a generous and patient Honors Thesis Advisor.”
Loreen has always put the needs of students first.”
Dr. Allphin has a passion for her subjects and enthusiastically engages students.”
She is a … willing soul to go the extra mile when it comes to students.”
For her exemplary dedication to achieving excellence in teaching, advising, and mentoring, the Range Science Education Council and the Society for Range Management are delighted to present Dr. Loreen Allphin with the 2019 Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award.